Paint and Products we sell

We stock a full range of paint refinishing products for a wide range of Manufacturers. We pride ourselves on stocking quality products at great prices to suit all pockets.

Whether you are doing a full respray, a bumper corner, a scratch repair or you need paint to paint a container, skip, van, or fencing – we have just what you need.

We stock

Paint from Valspar, Octoral and Bernado Escenaro.

Fillers from HB Body, Monofil, Upol, and ProWorx.

Primers from Mobihel, Octoral and HB Body.

Masking Tape and Abrasives from Indasa.

Airtools from Deltalyo, Sealey and Fast Mover.

Aerosols – we can mix virtually any car or bike colour and dispense custom made aerosols in a matter of minutes.

We make Number Plates to order.



HB Body



We now stock Paraffin in 4 Ltr containers.