Touch Up Paint – Aerosol or touch up stick

We can supply touch up sticks (or as we call them Bottle and brush) or Aerosols of colour matched paint.  Many modern cars are painted with a metallic or ‘pearl’ type of car paint, they are then finished with a clear lacquer to give them that deep gloss finish.

If your car is a metallic and you are looking for an aerosol touch up paint for your car, we will always recommend an Aerosol of Clear Lacquer to give that deep shine. An ideal paint for this is HB Body 496 Clear.

If the scratch is showing signs of rust, then we would recommend using a Rust Killer such as KuRust first to help prevent the rust returning in the future.

For scratches, we would recommend a bottle of  Touch up paint to match your car. The paint should be applied using a small brush, brushin along the scratch to fill it in, and re-colour it as well. The following day,  a rubbing compound such as Carplans Rubbing Compound, or Farecla’s G3 should be used – rubbing across the scratch.. this will help to remove the excess paint as well as polishing the existing paint work. After using rubbing compound, we recommend the use of a good quality wax polish to reseal the paintwork. (My personal preference is Autoglym’s Super Resin Polish – but any polish thats sat on the shelf in the garden shed is more than adequate!)

For more obscure vehicles, such as caravans, motorhomes and motor bikes (and push bikes!), we have computerised matching technology available which helps us get a good match for the touch up paint.

Free advice

It may be possible to remove very light scratches without the use of paint!!! Although we’d love to sell you some paint, we pride ourselves on giving advice freely on what is the best way to rectify your car – even if that means you leaving without buying anything!

Other Products

As well as touch up paint, we also stock a wide range of other refinishing and car products for the DIY market, individual rolls of masking tape, sand paper, panel wipes.