News – Winter is here…

Winter is just around the corner.  We now have in stock 4 Litre packs of Paraffin priced just £9, as well as Calor gas (exchanges only).

Small Scratches and Scrapes can rust with all the added water and salt over the winter months. These can easily be rectified with a small touch up paint pot from Wigan Car Paints. Priced at just £7.50, its a small price to pay to fix those stone chips and scratches quickly and easily.

Don’t forget that the cold weather can cause problems with batteries and coolant. We can give you a free battery check before it gets too cold – and offer no hassle options and quotes.  We also stock anti freeze and screenwash all year round.

So whether you are in Leigh, Chorley or Skelmerdale, Wigan Car Paints is just a short ride away to get your car gleaming for the Summer weather.  We are always happy to give you advice to make the most of the products we offer. We always try to sell you what you need, rather than what we want you to buy.

We now have in stock a selection of metal flakes. We will be expanding this in the next few months to include candy colours.

We are also able to exchange Calor gas bottles, and we stock Paraffin.