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HB Body Bodysoft Filler
HB Body 496 Scratch Resistant lacquer is one of HB Body’s top products. 496 Clear Lacquer is available in 5ltr, 1ltr and Aerosol formats, HB Body 496 lacquer is considered a top quality product, at a value for money price.

BodyFill 360 2 Pack Primer is produced in Aerosol, and is stocked in a wide variety of colours; Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White, Black and Grey.

HB Body 290 is a two part ultra light polyester filling product providing excellent adhesion and elasticity over all metallic, wood and polyester surfaces. It is a fine particle filler that spreads smoothly giving a pinhole free finish. It dries quickly and provides excellent sanding properties for a perfect finish. It is extremely easy to sand with P 180 – P 400.

We also stock many other HB Body products, these include

Bodysand flatting paste
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