As well as Automotive refinishing products, we stock a wide range of paints and materials suitable for home as well as industrial use.

Vehicle Refinishing products

The EU directive (2004/42/CE) limits the level of VOCs used in vehicle refinishing products. Please ask us for more details and data sheets of products that are suitable for vehicle refinishing. Alternatively refer to the manufacturers website (via the Links page on this site).

Products Suitable for none vehicle refinishing products.

Many vehicle refinishing products are suitable for other uses, however we may have other products available that are either better suited for the purpose you wish to use them, or maybe available at lower cost. If you are unsure, please ask for advice.

Tetrosyl Tetraschutz – Underbody Sealant – 1 Ltr Cannister SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl Tetraschutz – Underbody Seal – Aerosol SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl Stone Chip – Cannister SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl Waxoil – Black SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl Stonechip – Aerosol SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl Basic Aerosol Trade Sprays SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl EP21 Cellulose Primer SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl Two Pack HS Primer SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl Chassis Black / Silver / Red SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl UItra Car Wax SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl Polyester Resin – for Fibreglass SDS Sheet
Carplan Professional Traffic Film Remover SDS Sheet
Carplan Professional Wash and Wax SDS Sheet
Carplan Lead Substitute SDS Sheet
Carplan Stop Smoke SDS Sheet
Carplan Penetrating Oil SDS Sheet
Carplan T Cut Colour Fast SDS Sheet
Carplan Professional Fabric Cleaner SDS Sheet
Carplan Engine Degreaser Aerosol SDS Sheet
Carplan Engine Degreaser SDS Sheet
Carplan Tyre Paint SDS Sheet
Panel Craft Standard Thinners SDS Sheet
Daytona 20/50w Engine Oil SDS Sheet