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Car Accessories

As well as paint, we also stock a range of car accessories including Wheel Trims, waxes, Polishes, oils, brake fluids and batteries.

Number Plates – Stay Road Legal
Number Plates
Legal Number Plates

Wigan Car Paints is a registered supplier for number plates and registration plates – with many years of experience in making legal number plates.

We are able to make plates with yellow or white backgrounds with and without UK Flags.

Legal number plates must contain the suppliers name and postcode. They are now only available with “Standard” black digits.

We are able to make standard sized number plates, bike plates, most import sized plates while you wait. Shaped plates (eg X type Jag, Range Rover) are available to order, and are usually available during the following working day.

ID Requirements

We need to see positive ID of the vehicle (this is a document from the DVLA eg V5C) AND the person collecting the number plate – we have to record these details. If you have just purchased a vehicle, the “Green slip” is sufficient proof of ID for the car.

MOT Failure

Having a defective number plate will mean that you could fail your next MOT test. Cracked registration plates, or plates where there has been water ingress will mean a failure.

 Wigan Car Paints serves the car paint and accessory market for areas including Wigan, Leigh, Ashton, Standish, Skelmersdale, Pemberton, Orrell, Hindley, Ince, Leyland, Chorley and surrounding areas.

Autoglym Car Products
Autoglym SRP
Super Resin Polish

Autoglym’s professional motorist’s vehicle care ranges are highly respected around the world & proudly hold many important endorsements for exceptional performance & dependable quality.

We stock a selection of the Autoglym product range – these include:

Super Resin Polish

Fine Abrasive Cutting Liquid
Bodywork Shampoo
Extra Gloss Protection
Instant Tyre Dressing
Hi Foam Interior Shampoo
Carbriolet Fabric Hood Maintenance Kit

Farécla Polishes and Compounds
Farécla G£, G6 and G10
Farécla Compound and Polishing heads

Farécla  have been supplying the Automotive trade since the 1950s and now offer a wide range of surface refinishing products.

We stock a wide range of Farécla  Products including G3, G10, G6 compounds as well as compounding and polishing heads.

Farécla G3 and G6 is regularly used to polish up old and tired paint work. It is also used to polish back new paintwork that is mottled, or contains “Orange Peel”.

G10 is used as a second level polish for darker colours and then a final coat of Farécla Glaze to bring up a good as new showroom finish.

For more details, click HERE to go to the Farécla  Website. (Opens new Window)

HB Body products

HB Body 
HB Body Bodysoft Filler
HB Body 496 Scratch Resistant lacquer is one of HB Body’s top products. 496 Clear Lacquer is available in 5ltr, 1ltr and Aerosol formats, HB Body 496 lacquer is considered a top quality product, at a value for money price.

BodyFill 360 2 Pack Primer is produced in Aerosol, and is stocked in a wide variety of colours; Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, White, Black and Grey.

HB Body 290 is a two part ultra light polyester filling product providing excellent adhesion and elasticity over all metallic, wood and polyester surfaces. It is a fine particle filler that spreads smoothly giving a pinhole free finish. It dries quickly and provides excellent sanding properties for a perfect finish. It is extremely easy to sand with P 180 – P 400.

We also stock many other HB Body products, these include

Bodysand flatting paste
For more details, click HERE to go to the HB Body Website. (Opens new Window)

Valspar / Octoral

Octoral is a member of the Valspar group of brands. Employing over 9500 people in over 80 locations worlrldwide producing a wide range of paints and coatings for many different applications.

Octobase Eco which is a waterborne basecoat system that meets the VOC-requirements in combination with a VOC-complaint HS Clear Coat.    The system consists of a full range of mixing colours that enables you to mix metallic, pearl and solid colours. A very simple application technique will provide a good end result.

Octoral produce large selection of primers for a wide range of applications. We stock the popular ones of these including PF131 HS Surfacer and PA65 Plastic Primer and PW170 Wash Primers.

To compliment the Octoral Range is the Scratch resistant Two Pack clearcoat C250.

We also carry the Valspar Industrial range, solvent based paints for non vehicle applications.

For more details, click HERE to go to the Octoral Website. (Opens new Window)

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Octoral is Valspars European refinishing divisionMipa products


We are one of the founder members of the Paint Solutions Group. PSG is a group of specialist independent distributors supplying automotive/industrial paints and ancillaries to both the trade and the public. The group has a network of distributors throughout the UK.

Product Data

As well as Automotive refinishing products, we stock a wide range of paints and materials suitable for home as well as industrial use.

Vehicle Refinishing products

The EU directive (2004/42/CE) limits the level of VOCs used in vehicle refinishing products. Please ask us for more details and data sheets of products that are suitable for vehicle refinishing. Alternatively refer to the manufacturers website (via the Links page on this site).

Products Suitable for none vehicle refinishing products.

Many vehicle refinishing products are suitable for other uses, however we may have other products available that are either better suited for the purpose you wish to use them, or maybe available at lower cost. If you are unsure, please ask for advice.

Tetrosyl Tetraschutz – Underbody Sealant – 1 Ltr Cannister SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl Tetraschutz – Underbody Seal – Aerosol SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl Stone Chip – Cannister SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl Waxoil – Black SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl Stonechip – Aerosol SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl Basic Aerosol Trade Sprays SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl EP21 Cellulose Primer SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl Two Pack HS Primer SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl Chassis Black / Silver / Red SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl UItra Car Wax SDS Sheet
Tetrosyl Polyester Resin – for Fibreglass SDS Sheet
Carplan Professional Traffic Film Remover SDS Sheet
Carplan Professional Wash and Wax SDS Sheet
Carplan Lead Substitute SDS Sheet
Carplan Stop Smoke SDS Sheet
Carplan Penetrating Oil SDS Sheet
Carplan T Cut Colour Fast SDS Sheet
Carplan Professional Fabric Cleaner SDS Sheet
Carplan Engine Degreaser Aerosol SDS Sheet
Carplan Engine Degreaser SDS Sheet
Carplan Tyre Paint SDS Sheet
Panel Craft Standard Thinners SDS Sheet
Daytona 20/50w Engine Oil SDS Sheet


News – Winter is coming!

Although we are in the middle of summer, its now time to think about your car, and how it will survive the winter. Small Scratches and Scrapes can rust with all the added water and salt over the winter months. These can easily be recitified with a small touch up paint pot from Wigan Car Paints. Priced at just £6.50, its a small price to pay to fix those stone chips and scratches quickly and easily.

Don’t forget that the cold weather can cause problems with batteries and coolant. We can give you a free battery check before it gets too cold – and offer no hassle options and quotes.  We also stock anti freeze and screenwash all year round.

SO whether you are in Leigh, Chorley or Skelmerdale, Wigan Car Paints is just a short ride away to get your car gleaming for the Summer weather.  We are always happy to give you advice to make the most of the products we offer. We always try to sell you what you need, rather than what we want you to buy.

We now have in stock a selection of metal flakes. We will be expanding this in the next few months to include candy colours.

We are now stocking some of the Millaco range of thinners and lacquers.